Brake Cleaner Delphi 500ml

Code: NET1000-DEL
Supplier code: NET1000
Supplier: DELPHI
Country of origin: GB
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Delphi Brake Cleaner. New Greener, More E ective Brake Cleaner. Delphi’s new formulated brake cleaner is effective in breaking down the gunk and complies with the latest CLP legislation. Delphi Brake Cleaner is a fast-acting, premium quality formulation that removes brake fl uid, grease oil and brake dust instantly. A quick-drying solution minimises spillage and leaves no residue. Beyond the capability of regular degreasers, the aerosol spray helps dislodge surface dirt and oil. Powerful aerosol assists cleaning action. Flushes oil, dirt and carbon from electric motors. Does not contain any chlorinated and halogenated hydrocarbons. Also an effective cleaner for clutch, transmission and engine parts. Do not apply to brake lining, plastic or rubber parts (including seals). Protect such parts from overspray during cleaning.

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